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October, 2021



On October 8, 2021, the Law Institute of Pyatigorsk State University, together with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the ANO Legal Clinics Development Center, held a grand opening of a marathon of free legal aid for stateless persons, refugees and other asylum seekers.

In October and November 2021, in different cities of Russia, on the basis of 10 large universities with legal clinics, weeks of free legal aid are held for stateless persons, refugees and other asylum seekers.


The regional organizer of the project - is the Legal Clinic "DE FACTO" of the Law Institute of Pyatigorsk State University. In the implementation of the regional project, lawyers from IRPCO "FHL" are taking part.

At the opening of the Marathon, representatives of the Prosecutor's Office of Pyatigorsk, the Office of the Ombudsman for Human Rights in the Stavropol Territory, lawyers of the Bar Chambers of the Kabardino-Balkirian Republic and the Stavropol Territory made speeches. The event was also attended by teachers and students of the Law Institute of PSU, as well as students of the Pyatigorsk College of Management and New Technologies.



One of the goals of this event is to increase the availability of legal aid for the target audience: refugees, stateless persons, asylum seekers, internally displaced persons and to involve a larger number of lawyers in the work with the target audience.

The participants noted the importance of holding such events in the region, the need to coordinate efforts in providing assistance to stateless persons, refugees and other asylum seekers, since their number, unfortunately, is growing in the world due to modern military and political conflicts.




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