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On February 16, 2018, Alyona Kostenkova, lawyer's assistant, took part in the Forum of Representatives of Non-Profit Organizations of the Stavropol Territory - "Civil Activity".

The Forum was organized by the non-profit organization Information Resource Center "Civil Partnership" and the Stavropol Regional Youth Public Organization "Creative Association The Starry Wind" with the support of the Foundation of Presidential Grantsin and in collaboration with the Government of the Stavropol Territory and the State Budgetary Institution of Stavropol "Youth Projects Center".


Within the framework of the Forum, the following activities were held:

- the round table "Civic Engagement", within which representatives of the NCOs of the region were able to present the activities of their organizations, and also got acquainted with the analysis of the practice of receiving presidential grants;

- training-business game "Information support of public associations", where audience learned about the importance of existence of web-site for NGOs, the intricacies of conducting groups in social networks, the importance of news content;

- seminar "Social Design for Beginners", within which listeners learned about the basics of social design, the definition of a project problem choice, the formation of a project idea.


After that the work in sections has began, where the participants were able to learn about the legal aspects of state registration of NGOs, the specifics of filling out of individual components of the project application, the importance of conducting research in the process of project development and its implementation.


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