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November. 2017



On November 27, 2017 Institute of Law and Public Policy in conjunction with the Faculty of Law of Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov was held a Master Class for attorneys and lawyers in the framework of the VII Moscow Legal Week named "Appeal to the Constitutional Court of Russia: Assessment of the Prospects of the Case and Argumentation of the Claim".

The master class was attended by lawyers of the IRPCO "FHL" Glinka Eugenia and Tsarevsky Vladislav.

During the event, two big topics were discussed: the jurisdiction and admissibility of the claim to the Russian Constitutional Court and the arguments of the claim: how to persuade the Constitutional Court of Russia.

The master class was built in such a way that every theoretical lesson was necessarily fixed by practical. Practical classes were held in small groups, where the tasks were disassembled by examples of real cases heard in the Constitutional Court of Russia.

Within the framework of the master class the following issues were considered:

- key types of cases examined by the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation;

- how to conduct case in order not to lose the possibility of applying to the Constitutional Court;

- further using of the decisions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, taken on the complaint;

- how are the responsibilities for proving in the constitutional proceedings distributed;

- how to formulate a claim to the Constitutional Court and to argue the claim;

- what will help to enhance the argumentation of the claim.


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